Mount ocfs2 image on ubuntu

I received an oracle file system image that i need to access in order to recover from backup files. So i needed to enable ocfs2 support on linux.

First, install support packages:

sudo apt-get install ocfs2-tools ocfs2console ocfs2-tools-dev

Next, you must mount the file to a loopback device, so it can be used like a disk.

sudo losetup /dev/loop0 ocfs2_dump.img

You can now run the oracle file system console

sudo ocfs2console

Your loopback device should be now visible.
Go to the menu cluster, configure nodes, and add a new node. The name should be your hostname and the ip address can be

sudo /etc/init.d/o2cb load
sudo /etc/init.d/o2cb online

Now you can use the ocfs2 console interface to mount your image.

All new files in folder writable by all users in group

I need to make sure that all users in a group have read/write access to all files in a shared folder, old and new files.

First, make sure that all existing files and folders are in the group

chgrp group . -R

And all new files and folders must be in the same group too

chmod g+s . -R

Finally, the files created by all users must have read/write permissions to the group. We must ensure what this command is run whenever a user logs on system.

umask 002

We can ensure that by adding this line to /etc/bashrc.